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body pleasure sex stories kim kardashian



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    The heat sex story this time tells the beauty of a secretary who like to sex as well as things that can make passionate. Sex story this time telling a guy who did work together with a very beautiful theme. Those who saw the body of a voluptuous girl who does not want to fuck her? Just call his name, who was sexy Kim kardashian dang in mind that there are at the moment dikator I just want to enjoy the white body of Ms. Kim kardashian who might feel really tasty and delicious. Oh yes introducing first, I was an employee disebuah private companies in california. Section where I work only consists of 8 people, but even though the person a little, share a secretary have a special section to serve the administrative piece. Kim kardashian Sekretasi it's called, but I usually call Ms. Kim kardashian, because indeed he was 1 year older than me.

    Miss Kim kardashian is a very attractive woman, her tall, slim, almost as tall as I, white skin clean with a fantastic body shape. Her breasts are not too large, but kalu viewed from the outside, I'm sure it must have breasts perfectly round and chewy, because I often glanced toward her breasts which swelled to challenge it. One more thing I like about Ms. Kim kardashian, curly hair. Somehow I'm more interested in the curly-haired woman, not to mention Ms. Kim kardashian thin lips sensual, makes me not bored-bored look sexy woman.

    Miss Kim kardashian actually already married and had children 1, but unfortunately Ms. Kim kardashian husband, Justin was a sailor on a cruise ship europe, so Ms. Kim kardashian often left 6 to 8 months. Oh yes, I know well with goldfish mind, her husband, because several times during Justin return to Indonesia Ms. Kim kardashian and Justin took me for a walk.

    The story begins when I want mengeprint jobs report. Because the printer is placed on the table Ms. Kim kardashian, so I walked over to his desk. But before reaching his desk, I saw Ms. Kim kardashian serious once read a web site on his computer screen. I chuckled and returned to my desk, I do not want to interfere with Ms. Kim kardashian, because I know the right web site that is being read Ms. Kim kardashian is a website collection of erotic stories.

    Then I teased Ms. Kim kardashian by sending IM messages to him:

    "Repeat again read what? Ouhghhh Yes ... "the contents of my message to him

    Miss Kim kardashian immediately turned around and looked sharply towards me, I just smiled to see the face of anger mixed with panic.

    "Do not read anything. Mau tau aja nih! "Replied he still through YM
    "Do not shy miss, I too often see why" I say again

    He came back at me from afar with cemberutnya face.
    "Justin old still return it?" I asked via IM
    "Uh-huh, oh so embarrassed because of getting caught" replied Miss Kim kardashian
    "Want to be assisted not?" I asked, teasing
    "Meaning?" He replied
    "Are not you the same kangen miss Justin, who knows I could gantiin while" I replied naughty
    "Meaning?" She asked again, I did not know he pretended ato really do not understand.
    "I do men, too, might be able to help miss like that on the website" I added naughty

    Miss Kim kardashian looked at me with a scowl and then answered "yes Beware, I'll aduin to Justin, I'll think you know"

    I just laughed as he replied "He .. he .. he .. just a joke miss ". I was actually just want to tease him.
    After the chat, I'm not so concerned Ms. Kim kardashian because my job is overlapping the time. Until a week later Ms. Kim kardashian send IM messages to my computer.

    "Yan, really busy huh?" He asked through YM
    "Iya nih miss, is not a deadline next month" I said blindly, because I'm busy doing my work that piled.
    "Mmmmm ..." she replied not clear.

    Because of the answer I sent a strange message "What miss, what's the problem?"

    Rather long he sent an answer "Rian, still remember that time you offer that?"

    Honestly I forget exactly what I offer, because my mind is full of my work. "Where ya miss bid, sorry I forgot" I replied
    "The last week it loh, he would bantuin me" she replied again.

    But because I was really forget, I innocently replied with "Bantuin what?"
    "Fine if already forgot" he said simply

    I think hard, I've promised him what ya last week. After a few moments to remember, I was stunned for a moment, because I did not expect becandaan ditanggepin me last week so serious to him.

    "Well sorry miss, a web site then yes, real now?" I asked searchingly.

    A bit long I wait for an answer until he answered "Yes that one, would not bantuin me?" He asked again.

    I smiled a little, where there are still guys who refuse an offer like this, especially from Ms. Kim kardashian beautiful. I answered "do not have to be asked Ms. Gee, then how?"

    "Saturday tomorrow come to my house, yes, a little afternoon aja. But be careful, secret yes "he replied.
    "OK" I replied that ended the chat.

    Saturday around 4 o'clock I got to the house of Miss Kim kardashian. His house was quiet, I do not see children miss Ria Kim kardashian new 4-year-old.

    "Ria where miss?" I asked as I was sitting disofa living room of his house.
    "I titipin house of her grandmother" he replied as he took a drink from the kitchen. Then she smiled mischievously. I just laughed a little look at his behavior.

    That day, Ms. Kim kardashian sexy as hell, he's wearing tight white shirt and beige shorts. I never saw him berpakian like this before, but I thought maybe he was dressed so as to know the purpose I have come to his house a little bit different this time.

    Having put the drinks on the table, Ms. Kim kardashian sitting on a small sofa that contrary to a long sofa that I sit. Actually I'm a little disappointed he chose to sit there, but that thought soon vanished as I was busy considering her white thighs on display width because of his pants as he sat attracted upwards. Plus the thin shirt, I can see the shadow of flowers bra she was wearing. Felt my cock begin to stiffen due to lack of clothing at the woman this.
    Ms. Kim kardashian affection fire seemed awkward. Whenever I start talking a little grazed, he immediately turned the conversation to something else. Wah ya grave, I thought, could fail to plan because Ms. Kim kardashian afraid to go first.

    Until one moment Ms. Kim kardashian silent, he seemed to run out of words to talk about the other. The opportunity that I use to sit closer. From the sofa that is still apart, I hold her hands while I stroked slowly.

    "Ma'am .." I said slowly. Miss Kim kardashian just looked at me as he bowed, there is little fear emanated from his face.

    "Ma'am ..." I said again as she pulled her to sit with me a long disofa. Miss Kim kardashian follow the pull of my hand, still looking down between fear and shame.

    Miss Kim kardashian sit in a corner of the sofa, while I was sitting next to them. Slowly I kissed her hands, Ms. Kim kardashian still looking at me, looking down. I know exactly Ms. Kim kardashian want, just scared because this is the first time a man other than her husband, who touched it.

    I hold both cheeks and I lift for me to see her face. As we face each other I saw her face like a child who is frightened. I kissed his forehead to calm her down. It seems quite successful, his face slightly decreased tension. I kissed her forehead once more and then I kissed him on both cheeks. Miss Kim kardashian just quietly, closing his eyes.

    I kissed his lips once, there is no reaction. I kissed once again. This time there was little response. The third time I kissed her lips for a long time. Miss Kim kardashian has begun boldly, he replied kissing the wild gradually. When I dare to enter my tongue kemulutnya, he was greeted with wild, even replied to insert his tongue turns.

    When kissing the wild, do not forget my hands started to work. First of all, my hand holding her waist is still kecang, then from there I stroked his back. After that I stroking his stomach, his stomach was flat with no fat even though she never gave birth to 1 times. Elusanku I was sent down to the hips. Then follow the line of panties, I got stroked her ass, then I squeeze her ass. Miss Kim kardashian's just a small moan as I squeezed her ass.

    Then I ventured to squeeze her breasts, although still from the outer shirt. But because a thin shirt and her bra is a bra that is thin model without the wire, I easily squeeze both breasts, which I often enjoy it from afar. This time Ms. Kim kardashian trumpeted a bit harsh, although not remove ciumannku. I loloskan my hand into his shirt trying to remove her bra hooks from the rear. But Ms. Kim kardashian act more, he opened his shirt as well as her bra.
    Seeing her open shirt, I then opened kaosku. I maintain my condition is always the same with him so he believes. As I opened my shirt, Ms. Kim kardashian arrange couch cushions large size cluster on the couch then he rests there with resignation. Finish open shirt, I position myself between her crotch, she opened her crotch a bit wide for memudahkanku top of her.

    I kissed her again, this time wringing her breasts that it is still very chewy. Once in a while I kiss the cheek and neck. I also sometimes lick her neck to make him tremble for a moment.

    Kiss me down towards her right breast. Slowly I kissed around her breasts but I avoid her nipple. Then I lick play shrink until finally reaching the faucet. I nursed a moment later I moved to the left breast to treat the same.

    Looks like Ms. Kim kardashian not wait, then he pulled my hand towards her breasts and pressing telapakku free. I understand, then I slowly knead her breasts while occasionally twirling her nipple.

    I attack boost. Slowly I caress her thighs it. Miss Kim kardashian kelojotan receive seranganku. I slipped my hand into her panties. Immediate vaginal folds that enveloped me fine hairs, it's very wet there.

    Suddenly, Ms. Kim kardashian pulled his pants to open. Wah miss rush this once I helped get these shorts. Then I myself open my pants. Now we're both naked.

    I overlap Ms. Kim kardashian once again. My plan did I want to kiss her lips, then down to her breasts and then kissed her vagina. But Ms. Kim kardashian already impatient. He tugged at my cock to be directed into her vagina. Hmm .. Ms. Kim kardashian seems so long held lust so just wanted to direct puncture. I obey his will, I directed my cock into her vagina, but Ms. Kim kardashian still holding my cock as if not wait for my cock entered kevaginanya.

    I slowly push my cock up to vanish all, Ms. Kim kardashian rather loud moan, his body felt so relaxed as if relieved that diidam-idamkannya finally achieved as well.

    Miss Kim kardashian paused for a moment only accept new kocokanku slowly. But suddenly Ms. Kim kardashian became very wild, her hands pressed tight ass as she wiggled her hips to right-left to the wild, though not enough kocokanku this Wah deh kalo dianggurin same girl her husband, a super wild

    Miss Kim kardashian screaming conveniences, while still twisting her hips to the rhythm of my cock whisk. But suddenly Ms. Kim kardashian's body tensed as she screamed loud. Feels spraying liquid from her vagina, he's a great orgasm.

    Then his body was very weak, he looked at me with a small smile. Divaginanya was very wet, I felt her vagina until liquid drips out. I gently rock because I have not anything, but it seems that Ms. Kim kardashian orgasm was so intense that he remained lying limp with a small smile as diawang-dreamily. Finally I stop and I pull my cock kosokanku from her vagina, because Ms. Kim kardashian looks increasingly weak and looks to be sleepy.

    Finally I lift Ms. Kim kardashian and I tidurkan in his room. I did not put on his clothes, just a blanket, then she fell asleep.

    I wear my clothes back and sitting up in bed accompanies Ms. Kim kardashian who fell asleep while watching television in his room there was.
    Around 7 pm a sudden Ms. Kim kardashian hugged me from behind, then hung on my back.

    "Eh miss already awake?" I asked

    He just nodded, still holding me tight. "I'm sorry Yan .." he said spoiled.

    "Sorry what?" I asked, rubbing his hands that curled into my chest.

    "Sorry I've been straight to bed, when you have nothing" said Ms. Kim kardashian "Then you how?" She asked as she fingered my cock from outside the pants. "Baseball's okay miss" I answered, turning my body. Then I hugged her tightly. Somehow I became too bad with that woman. I kissed her forehead once and then I hug tighter.

    "Want diterusin now?" Whispered Ms. Kim kardashian is still in my arms. "Later aja miss" I replied. "We had dinner aja yuk" take me. Then Ms. Kim kardashian standing and wearing bathrobes. "Come on, I already had cooked a special lunch for you" said Ms. Kim kardashian towards the dining table.

    During dinner we talked long. From that conversation I knew that if Ms. Kim kardashian does have a very high sexual appetite, but unfortunately rarely home Justin. He was often can not stand, but do not want to betray Justin, but when you meet me, Ms. Kim kardashian paying attention to me, so when I offered to help at that time, Ms. Kim kardashian immediately take it seriously.

    After eating we watched television. We sat on a floor covered with carpet. Miss Kim kardashian sit between selangkanganku which opened wide, she leaned into my chest, while I held her from behind.

    During watching tv, we like the couple who are intoxicated in love. Miss Kim kardashian being very spoiled to me is I will be happy to spoil her. As he hugged her from behind, once in a while I stroked her hair and kissed his neck clean white. Miss Kim kardashian just moan softly as he kissed my hand once in a while a hug.

    I slowly started stroking her breasts, Ms. Kim kardashian began sitting uneasily. Especially when I squeezed her breasts, her body tense and relax in rhythm with remasanku. I tuck my right hand into her panties. Slowly I stroked her vagina line, felt her vaginal fluids slowly began to flood.

    Bathrobenya into my left hand squeezing her breasts are not directly dibaluti bra anymore. While the middle finger of my right hand began to stab her vagina, her vagina throbbing feels great.

    Miss Kim kardashian not wait then turn around, then he kissed me with a vicious, while his hands invaded my pants trying to remove my cock, I opened my belt and resletingku that Ms. Kim kardashian could pull my cock out and started stroking-elusnya.

    "Ma'am dikamar aja yuk" take me. Miss Kim kardashian just nodded. Then I lead him toward his bedroom. Until I menelentangkannya bedroom in the middle of the bed, then I let go of bathrobes and underwear so he's naked. Then I took off my shirt and pants, so I will buck naked.
    Slowly I crawled over her body to position myself between her crotch. Then I kissed her lips slowly. Kiss me down kelehernya, sometimes I lick her neck. A kiss then I drop back to her breasts. There I suck the nipple and squeeze her breasts. Every now and then I bite her nipple little to give him a sensation.

    Kiss me down again to a flat stomach it. I realized there was hip Ms. Kim kardashian very good. I kissed her hips and thighs it. I deliberately missed her vagina for the final goal. I kissed her legs from her thighs until I kiss her toes.

    Further movement behind me, I kissed her legs, then I kissed her thighs, then, slowly I kissed her vagina. I was face to face Ms. Kim kardashian from between his crotch, his face was tense waiting for the next thing I do.

    Then I kissed her cunt once more. By using my fingers, I feather division jembutnya so vaginannya clearly visible, slowly I was licking her pussy lips slowly left and right. Furthermore, with the motion I would point to lick her clit. Clit is not too big but easy enough to lick and suck me slowly.

    Hips Ms. Kim kardashian increasingly uneasy, but he seemed to avoid jilatannku ladder pressing my head to continue to lick her clit. Vaginal fluids come out very much.

    Then I align myself with her, she understands kalu you want to penetrate into her vagina. But I pause for a moment, I just rubbed my cock head into her vagina lips. He grinned like a protest because I linger, I just responded with small smile. He tried to push my ass, but I stand. He looked at me with faces of protest, he looked frustrated. He tried to press it once more, but still I hold, he became increasingly frustrated. Then I kissed her lips once and I put my cock until fixed. "You love evil .. you mean .. "whispered Ms. Kim kardashian when I hugged him tightly after inserting my cock.

    I pump my cock into her vagina slowly, and Ms. Kim kardashian responded by following my movements. Although this is actually a conventional position, but somehow feels so good. Maybe because I've felt the seeds of love and Ms. Kim kardashian even feel any friction so that my cock and her vagina like channeling the energy of love between our bodies.

    I got up and knelt between her crotch with my cock still inside her vagina. I put my middle finger into his mouth, and I stop the movement of my cock. At first she was confused, but then he slowly suck my fingers. When he was sucking my finger, I sync with my cock movement hisapannya movement. He smiled broadly, Ms. Kim kardashian understand this game, then he started to suck her vagina following which part you want pierced by cock.

    Long hisapnya movement sooner so that I increasingly difficult to align their movement with my cock, she seemed a little more orgasms. I pull my finger and I'm on top of a conventional style. Slowly I was pumping her vagina sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Miss Kim kardashian look closer to orgasm, her body getting tense.

    Soon Ms. Kim kardashian's body while she shrieked small arched, her vagina was very slippery. I hasten pompaanku and I push my cock deep into her squirting my sperm into her womb.

    Then I hugged her as she whispered "I love you Miss". Miss Kim kardashian smiled and then hugged me like do not want to be released

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