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Hot Sex Story Child I'm Becoming My master slave Lust



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    Sex story this time tells of a maid who becomes a slave mistress child sexual appetite. My name call it Kate (18) I was a maid in a wealthy family in Florida. I'm not that pretty but sweet, my body is not so high but pretty sexy. Because the sweet and sexy mistress makes children become lust when he saw me. Work became aide forced me to do because I just graduated from junior high school and I need money to help my family in the village economy.

    Frankly I'm happy to work as a maid in the family of Mrs. Katrina this. Master patient enough to give a monthly salary and treated me well. Husband master a businessman while Mrs. Katrina a lecturer. The story I did with the child naked Mrs Katrina an event that never knew before, because it could not be a rich kid like me to fuck this maid.

    The story begins when will I profiled as the only son of my master, James 22th, came home for vacation from college in Australia. When I became assistant mas James already studying in Australia, so new when he came home this holiday I met him.

    My master's son turned out to be too friendly as the two parents, He is also handsome and athletic body. Only a few days after I was already familiar with her family. I did not think I will be involved with romance.

    The story that morning I was on the call by my master's son. Up in his room I was really surprised because it James time watching Adult Films. I really clunky but once Mas James relaxed, not at all ashamed to even get caught watching movies porn. I am so bowed their heads in shame. "James call me what's wrong" I asked nervously, trying to not see the spectacle on TV 21-inch hot being watched by my master's son. "Yes please .. make up my bed and my desk, I want a shower." He said after rising from bed. He then patted my shoulder and went very casually to the bathroom without turning off his television set showing movies that are still hot from the CD.

    After James I went into his bathroom and tidying a messy bed. Hot scene that was on TV I could see clearly showing scenes of a pair of male and female Caucasians who are having sex on the bed. At that time my body chills watching it. After I finished James bed trim, unconsciously I was sitting on the edge of the bed and just watch adult movies for the first time I saw it, to forget to tidy up the table James scattered with books and magazines.

    Hot movie scene it makes me chills and I forgot myself involuntarily, unconsciously I was wringing my breasts with his left hand while my right hand fingering vagina. Activity and stimulate yourself watching it without knowing I did a few minutes until I do not know if James already out of the shower. Suddenly he was sitting next to me with half-naked body as only a towel covering his lower body.

    "Great movie ya .." he said suddenly makes surprise half-dead. I'm so ashamed of myself. I bow my head, my body chills and my face was definitely time red from embarrassment and also because the movie scene that made me very aroused. "Sorry to carp, not at his desk tidy up .." I said standing up and going to tidy up his desk. "No needed, I'll just ... khan movie unfinished. responsibilities accompany me watch yes "he said, holding my hand.

    His nose like a pig in it and I think back to sitting on the edge of the bed, then I awkwardly, kikut and my body felt hot and cold. At that time the movie scenes featuring oral sex scenes that made the woman on her male partner. Plus hot movie scene with James who sat next to me was relaxing to watch with athletic body that just makes me so horny towel cover.

    Then my master's son had brought her up to near with my body. He then grabbed my chin and brought his lips to my lips. "Miss you look beautiful" he said softly. then I do not know what to do. My mind is messed up, should I immediately ran out of his room to avoid bad things will happen. but I just keep quiet and my body feels stiff. Finally, on smack my lips and in kiss by James.

    Maybe because I was excited because wacth Blue movie before, I was so submissive and quiet time body lay and kiss me already moved to my neck. "Ohh .. mas .." I sighed involuntarily time my master's son's hand was stroking the base of my thigh with a great stimulus. Without me knowing James has stripped my clothes. After the release of my Bh then kissed her nipples and gently suck my milk. I sighed and more aroused because I had never felt before.

    I sigh and squirm easement during his lips and tongue sweeping the surface of my breasts bra size was 36B. Especially when my milk nipples sucked and in kenyotnya with great passion. At that time I was not able to think reasonably that there is in my mind was that I wanted to mersakan enjoyment. I was so brave and pulled the towel wrapped around the body James to release it, I was surprised to see the size of my master's son was a vital tool that so great and has stood erect gagahnya premises.

    He then pants off underwear and directing vital tool in the direction of femininity. at the end of a movable gun-slide on the lips kewaiitaanku I became aroused great. But suddenly I felt pain during rut masculinity femininity in breakthrough by James. I moaned and screamed while small goldfish Penis James pull and push it. "Ouch .. James, sick" groan. " Nothing .. also lost a minute later the pain." She whispered in my ear with adolescent literacy feel good throwing.

    Sure enough he says, long long on my vagina pain and tenderness gradually disappeared and now only pleasure I felt. "Aaaaahhh ... Ohhhh" I sighed as he began dance hips to offset the movement James.

    At that time I did not care and do not think at all that I had lost my virginity. all I want is the pleasure that more enjoyable for wanting to reach the top. James continue to play while kiss my lips. I will now reply to kiss lips and tongue play in my mouth while occasionally continued to hiss and moan because the poke-poke in the femininity of his manhood.

    A few minutes later all the joints of my body seemed to stiffen. "Ohhh .. Mas .. mas Continue" I hissed involuntarily. Son master and even then the more passionate and play sex with more violent and more rapid movements, until finally "Aaaahhhhhh ...." With a long Mooo I reach climax

    Know if I have reached the top, then he pulled his gun from my vagina hole. I saw no blood splashes on his cock shaft. He then asked me to perform oral sex as I've seen in blue films. Strange, I did not reject and actually want to do it. Then James lay down with his back against the pile of pillows. While I sit cross-legged on only between the two legs. The size of his genitals are large and long it seemed to me to be very passionate. I did not think I'm a country girl has a sexual appetite that high I was not previously aware of.

    Then I practice what I've seen in the movie Blue. Diamond Edge Missile James started I kiss and lick me and then I input into my mouth and I shake. Employers twist my youth was moaning and feel the pleasure. "Keep Miss .. ohh .. ohhh" she sighed. I also asked to lick the bottom of his cock and his testicles while churning rod hand cock.

    Once satisfied with oral sex my game, I'm sitting on the gun. Foreplay  continued where I was at the top. So, next times  I rocked up and down while my master's son hugged my butt and the occasional shove her ass onto my wobble offset. I sighed shouted with moans and groans James being raced to the summit.

    A few moments later I will likely return to the top and seemed James well. He was more aggressive shove his penis upwards. Before long I was back stiffened and reached the peak and in one after another with shouts James who also reached the summit. "Ohhh ohhh .. .. Ning me out .. ahhh ohhh dear .." he shouted as he plunged into the canal pelornya in the vagina that are still occupied. Warm semen spray moistened the inside of femininity.

    With a body exhausted and limp as if not reinforced, I slumped over my master's son's hairy chest and sweating it. I hugged him tightly as if do not want to miss a moment of bliss that. absolutely no regrets even though I just lost my virginity.

    After the incident that morning we were still frequent intercourse is forbidden during James not returned to Australia to pursue graduate studies. Luckily I did not get pregnant by this incident, maybe not yet but hopefully it does not. Now James vacation is over, so he returned continue studying in Australia. I was really lonely and addicted to sex games. Mas hope James not forget me even though I'm not too hopeful he will marry me.

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