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stories hot sex stories high school time



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    Free sex story - My name is Cindy 20 years. I will tell my story when I was in grade 2 high school in Surabaya. I'm private Catholic high school famous. I'm including children who are good in class but do not squirt. My friend a lot. And I also love to party. Some time me and my friends once a gang like to throw a party in various places. Then again there is money we even rented the hotel restaurant for a party. By invite friends contemporaries, we venture to rent a place. Sometimes at the Westin, Sheraton, Shangri-la or Majapahit.

    I really enjoyed periods of high school, hanging out with friends. Although I was a child that does not mean I'm clever boy who learned exclusively. I've also joined my friends skip class or extracurricular. In fact, once I was involved ngerjai teacher. Very funny. Fortunately, with this innocent face I can escape from punishment. I said if I did not go-go. And the teachers believe. What ya got male friends.

    In addition to women friends, I also have many male friends. But I always hold the principle, that as long as I'm not going to college is not going out. Because loss. I'm not going to get a lot of friends. Some of them had ever tried to make me a boyfriend. They think I'm pretty cool and fun. But yes I refuse to smooth so as not to hurt their feelings. Because they are also friends Verra. When it hurts my heart can break up friendships.

    I think about it I was really cool. Hihihi I certainly regular aerobics three times a week. My body posture is also pretty, but some friends said I was a little thin. With a height of 163 cm, I weigh only 46 kg. But let no pa-pa. The important thing is not sexy.

    Genesis thrilling and will not be forgotten I've had time Valentine party in February. As always, we immediately prepare this big event with a splashy party. In fact, we determine the theme of the party this time. All the invitations have to wear weird costumes. Fun though ultimately no rent costumes, homemade costumes only Verra modified together.

    I wear my dress that model Verra kingdom era. As Cinderella dress with puffy skirt and similar stuffed cloth braided flexible wire such as chicken coops. Too bad. A bit annoying when sitting. But when I wear it I like seeing women gracefully past. Just under a small umbrella and blonde wig. I prepare this costume all night My mama helped. I think this will be a Valentine's hottest party during high school.

    Because at that moment all the hotel does not rent out the restaurant (because each had a Valentine's party), then we agreed to use one of our friend's villa in Trawas. Villa was huge and full facilities. We've often rollicking stay in this place.

    We invite a lot of second graders. So when we started our party is really like in the big event. There is karaoke, some dancing and some are playing Billyard. Anyway we enjoy all the facilities at the villa.

    Approaching the peak of the event, which is a disco with others, I went to the drinks table to take a drink again. David's friend who was sponsoring the children of the rich variety of beverages, from the alcohol to fruit juice. I'm interested in leaf green drink that either until recently I did not know his name. Maybe Soft Drink, hihihi.

    Suddenly from under the table covered with a large tablecloth comes one of my friend James.

    I was surprised and asked, Why should you?

    He said if we want to create a surprise in the middle of the disco arena by appearing suddenly wearing Zorro costume. I just laugh. Because of the earlier James did not appear. Emerging now with his Zorro costume mess.

    As information, James is my best friend since childhood. Incidentally our house nearby. From the little we always played together, schools in the same school and sometimes buy clothes twin. My parents and parents already know well since moving in complex house around 1980. Actually I have a little feeling still the same James. But he just thinks it's really you. So yes I keep fine. Who know only my best friend Kim.

    I agreed to his suggestion. Then she told me she needed my help. He would hide in a big skirt, then I was told the road to the middle of the arena, and he soon emerged. Then pretend hostage one of the girls. Obviously I do not want to. He pleasure dong. Then she said if she's had often seen me swim. Why shame. After all it's friends Verra.

    On second thought, okay lah. He nonetheless had often seen me wear a bathing suit or leotard kok. And I'm not ashamed. So far, James has also never insolent to me. In fact, tend to pay attention and love me.

    Then after getting my approval, he immediately prepares his mask and went inside my skirt. No one saw it go into my skirt, because these drinks table in the corner beside the stairs, away from the crowd. So all went well. I smile just imagine the plan James. Actually there is also a man uncomfortable, even though the James, located very close to my hip area. But I think after all she had often seen. I felt he was correcting his position on the skirt. It's also a big skirt and James person thin. But it must be pretty difficult for someone as high as approximately 175 cm for the move.

    All of a sudden like a thunderbolt, I just remembered when I was only wearing the pants in the newest model of the G-string. Underwear model in the tiny front and rear entrance of my ass. Also I only wear brown stockings. My face suddenly flushed. My heart was pounding. James had never seen such open my ass. He must have seen my ass. I immediately panicked and attempted to call James.

    I just realized that James was silent in my skirt. I just feel the blast of his breath on my thigh. That means she was looking at the groin. I patted my skirt and tried to call him. But he said nothing. Then I saw Kim and Sarah came over. They took a drink and asked why I was standing in a corner and hold. Why not with another friend.

    While I was chatting with Kim and Sarah, I felt that James moved to the rear. Damn. He certainly was enjoying a plump ass. I feel very close to blowing his breath. A second later he started fingering my ass. I flinched, so Kim asked. I tried to explain that I was just shocked because I'd taken a drink was not bad. I immediately pretended to switch to other beverages.

    In my heart says, Beware ye James ..!

    Actually I could have refused to lift my skirt or moving sideways, so that James came out. But there are strange and thrilling feeling when James touched my ass. I felt a strange sensation that has not been felt.

    Know if I'm not angry, James increasingly daring. He stroked my ass with a soft, from hip to bottom boundary continues to the groin area. Then he slowly rubbed with irregular movements. Sometimes a wide turn, then more and more toward the center. I so enjoyed it even though I continued to talk with Kim and Sarah. Whether hue change my face or not.

    Then Kim took me karaoke. I said if I still want to tempt the existing beverage. After Kim and Sarah went with astonishment, I half-whispered call James. Dab my head (roughly) and I put out despite the fact that I was immediately intrigued.

    James just said, a moment ..! while still continuing the action.

    Then the disco-time start. Lights began to put out, just had a mini disco lights that lit Samuel. So the atmosphere tend to be dark. Only a rather bright disco arena with colorful lights. I saw several couples began to dissolve in the darkness. There are fun kissing, intimate dance there, even saw a nice pair petting on the couch. I reminded James to start the action. But he said nothing. I was so embarrassed.

    Seeing a supportive atmosphere, James immediately launched a new moment that made me even more complacent. He was kissing my ass lightly. Start slowly, from the left buttock and then the right. After kissing the entire surface of my ass, James began to lick them. I got to close my eyes because of the fun. Geli once but tasty. Make a feather back of my neck stand up. Till my butt tense and docked. My voice still sent James out, but my heart still wants him to continue the action.

    It was mixed feelings. My mind is already out of control. Because James felt I was only half-heartedly told him to come out, he was more daring. He moved forward and put his mouth in the groin area. Snort his warm breath until between my thighs. I trembled and began to like it. I said nothing when he was kissing and licking that area until my panties wet. I felt the muscles around the groin twitched. It feels like a docked continue.

    He continued to kiss and suck her ass wringing her hands.

    Aahh ..! sigh just stuck it out of my mouth.

    Tighten my butt and hold for amusement and pleasure. I do not know what to do, because this new experience for me. I just feel and sense. My voice was drowned in loud house music that thud-thud.

    Then James did some of the most shocking thing in my life. By how dare she lowered my panties down to her thighs. I'm ashamed. He saw things that should not be viewed. He saw the groin. His eyes were right in front of the groin. Something that is never seen in any man since overgrown hair. I was embarrassed and told him to stop his actions. But instead she let go of my underwear down.

    I was almost angry with him until suddenly I felt something soft and warm object passes between the thighs touch the surface of the groin.

    Aahh ..! I scream muffled.

    Between shocked and amused, I realized she kissed groin. Very soft. Suddenly my anger disappeared no trace, even wanted him to continue. I closed my eyes and groaned. I'm clinging to the side of the ladder and a table beverage. His tongue played to and fro. Absolutely delicious. Without felt I was getting stretch my legs.

    Ahh ..! kiss increasingly felt.

    As if knowing my wishes, James entered his face between my thighs and groin licking heart's content. All of the groin into the mouth. Then with her powerful sucking groin. It was all the fluid sucked out. My body tensed like a man was electrocuted.

    After that, her tongue in and out constantly but gently. Hint of embarrassment, but my soul beat. My mind was flying to heaven

    Uuhh ..! Moreover, I feel her tongue play between parts of the lips groin. Smoked, licked and kissed. Up on stage playing his tongue clit.

    Uuahh sensation, really made me fall asleep. With the tip of her tongue licking her clit. Go up and down, spinning and sometimes the entire surface of the tongue is wide, through the clit from front to rear.

    I already do not care at all around. After all, dark atmosphere. I let James play a lick and groin. Disturbing my underwear so I let James let go of my leg. Then one of my legs raised to the shoulder. Aahh more enjoyable. I let him suck her lips brushed his hands groin. I felt wide open groin and the inside licked by a soft tongue.

    Amazing ..! Absolutely delicious does not measure. I like crazy people who keep moaning. I wanted to shout to feel the action heart's content.

    Within about ten minutes of her work on groin, I felt a strange impulse. All the muscles in the groin area tight and it feel like something is going out of the groin. I could not resist and grabbed a table with a strong edge. James still licking clit quickly. And finally, after feeling that can not be imagine for pleasure, I became weak, very weak. As if all my bones loose. I was staggered. Luckily James Spry and prop my legs.

    With some difficulty I held on to the stairs and James came out of my skirt and bolster the shoulder. Then we realize ourselves on the ladder and he take a fresh drink and offer me. I nodded in shame. After we both drink, she immediately kissed me on the cheek as usual and asked me what I liked with his actions earlier. His kiss was another. Softer. I pretended to be angry and say I do not like. But James again kissed my cheek and tease me by asking where delicious smoked, licked or swallowed
    ? I hit his shoulder as he hid my face blushed.

    I'm still ashamed to remember. Perhaps if the bright lights she can laugh at my face which is not known. As he pocketed underwear that fell on the floor he told me that never see the BF and want to practice what is seen. Especially the girl he's curious about the genitals. Curious whether the girl really react like that or just acting alone. Because it is time to see the sexy underwear that she was curious to try it.

    Damn, I continue to be used as guinea pigs that I thought.

    But it's not going to make me pregnant right ..? I asked innocently.

    He laughed and said, You Crazy Cin, nobody went into dick really. You're still a virgin, how to get pregnant ..? Anyway I'm not going to ruin your future. I really love with you.

    Also relieved to hear his words.

    I've been thinking a no-no. What if I'm pregnant ..? What if I'm not a virgin ..? What if I did not marry him ..? But I am relieved everything is not going to happen.

    That night I went on a party to go home without the use of underwear, it feels weird, cool. Who's groin muscles still throbbing like feeling good going pee. Because this is the first time I orgasm. It turned out fun and exciting are also among my friends do not wear panties. And they do not know. My panties are wet bag included James with clothes instead. He promised to deliver the mail. Damn him.

    Since then I am more familiar with James. I sometimes still like to think his actions in the groin. Exciting pleasures. James is also getting closer to me. Everywhere more and more often both. Until my friends thought we invented. If no one is home, we often james together. And James still frequent his favorite work on groin until I orgasm, this time wringing my breasts.

    I also began studying bird sucking James. Through the BF, I learned to stimulate the birds to reach orgasm. Because I'm sorry to see him always masturbation after satisfying me. James good as well, he does not make me do that. He's just happy if I orgasm. I became increasingly uncomfortable to hear it. So I was looking for an opportunity to practice knowledge when my house is empty.

    In the afternoon, at home I often Verraan. My sister schools abroad, while my father was working until the afternoon. If my mother often active in several organizations since I was in high school. Stay a little servant-bit naive.

    When the opportunity came, I immediately contacted James to come to my house. Soon after James came into my room, I convey my point. James just laughed and immediately gently squeeze both breasts. I said if I was serious. But he does not care, even his hand groping groin.

    Then he opened my house dress  so I just wear underwear. Then his hand went into my underwear. He squeezed her groin. I pushed him into bed, then my key door and I turned in the BF I've learned. Then I opened his pants.

    The first time, looking at the BF in my room, I began to hold all parts of the bird. My curiosity became increasingly time grasping the bird directly. Starting his head, trunk and eggs. Then kuusap-rub. James closed his eyes and sighed.

    I thought, Well .., can  ..!

    Then I started to like the way he  masturbation. Slowly, then faster. James shook like a cold. Head of the bird started to get wet. I'm getting carried away by feelings. It's good if I can make her orgasm. Then I saw the BF, the girl began to incorporate birds into the opponent's mouth and play with his tongue. Slowly I tried to close my mouth to the bird. Clearly see the bird's head is red and wet. I stopped for a moment.

    Then James said if I was not ready do not. Precisely what he said more and made me feel selfish. He did not come I feel disgusted disgusted. Quickly I put the bird's head into my mouth. James groaned loudly. It felt weird. Like the taste of iron. Hihihi I glanced at the TV to see what made the girl and the reactions to the guy. Because I'm curious.

    I smoke my hand slowly up and down while stroking her eggs. It was said that if egg-swab rubbed with delicious Verra if rubbed my breasts nipple-rub. Strange feeling because of the smell and taste strange bird disappear soon see James moaning and closed her eyes in pleasure. I remember my feelings at that time. I immediately went my action.

    I saw on TV the girl dripping saliva into the bird's head and licking it. I imitate him. Woow .., the James seemed to enjoy it. Then licked stem the bird from the base to the tip of his head. Then I smoke more deeply, and hold out my hand as she stroked her eggs.

    After various styles of work on birds I embarked , James looks to reach climax. With a groan he asked me to shake it. I shake with high speed so that he increasingly unpalatable seizures. I do not understand how an appropriate speed. Suddenly the bird's head a lot of white fluid sprayed upwards, then fell. Some of my hair, some fell back into his thigh.

    On TV I saw the girl quickly enter the bird's mouth so her boyfriend to orgasm. I imitate him. I put the bird into my mouth and I smoke slowly up and down. James said something but I did not hear him clearly because he was a great shaking. The entire stomach and buttocks muscles convulse. I smoke and hold the bird until my mouth was full of white liquid. James birds suddenly become sluggish not powered. I got confused. Continue to look James is lying helpless.

    He said again that his sperm should not be drunk. I just realized that my mouth full of sperm to drip into my body. It's weird, warm and slightly salty. James I spew sperm into the sink, then rinse. Sense of birds and sperm as if it dominate my mouth until slightly longer.

    The first word spoken by James when I get back is, shake Remarkably, until the bird let go ..!

    I'm a bit confused first. Only then did I realize if my shake too fast. Hihihi. Understand first. At that time I felt happy to repay James satisfied. So now I can also satisfy James.

    Sometimes the desire to enter the bird into the groin, but James always refused. Verra if I'm not able to control my lust Verra.

    Until now, after all this time passed, the experience will never forget. My first experience of orgasm without losing male virginity and satisfactory lesson without associated

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